Seed to Tree

Description :

Come on a guided exploration through the Gardens and discover the diversity of plants in Australia.

Students will be introduced to the role plants plan in sustaining and creating the biosphere. They will learn how plants adapt to the Australian environment and discover how they interact with other living things in the ecosystem.

Students will

  • Investigate a mixture of seedpods, skulls and scats
  • Learn about different plant adaptations 
  • Pot up their own plant to take home 

Key focuses

  • Australian environments and ecosystems
  • Biodiversity 
  • Plant adaptations

Curriculum Links

  • Level F-4 Science

Time Action
Morning (10:15 to 11:45)
Afternoon (12:45 to 14:15)


Cranbourne Gardens

Recommended year level

Foundation to Year 4


$16.50 Per Student


Minimum charge is 18 students per class. Maximum class size is 30 students.