The Rainforest

Description :

Explore the diversity of rainforest plants from Australia and around the world.

Students will experience temperate and tropical rainforest environments, investigate the structure and ecology of a rainforest and be challenged to consider the importance of rainforest conservation.

Students will

  • Create rainforest creatures using clay and plant materials
  • Discuss rainforest environments structure and ecology
  • Understand the value of rainforests to the wellbeing of people and the planet

Key focuses:

  • Habitats
  • Rainforest structure and ecology
  • Conservation

Curriculum Links

  • Level F-4 Geography and Science
  • Level 5-6 Economics and Business, Geography and Science
Teacher Resources

Time Action
Morning (10:15 to 11:45)
Afternoon (12:45 to 14:15)


Melbourne Gardens

Recommended year level

Foundation to Year 6


$16.50 Per Student


Minimum charge is 18 students per class. Maximum class size is 30 students.