Plants and Animals

Description :

Get to know the plants and animals that live at Melbourne Gardens.

Students will learn about cycles in nature and the fascinating plant and animal interrelationships and adaptations that exist in different environments. They will be encouraged to consider the role plants and animals play in food, shelter, pollination, fertilisation and decomposition, and their importance within the ecosystem.

Students will

  • Discuss and observe the relationships between plants and animals
  • Create their own creature using clay and plant materials
  • Visit the Tropical Glasshouse to meet carnivorous plants

Key focuses

  • Plant and animal interrelationships
  • Adaptations
  • Habitats

 Curriculum Links

  • Level F-6 Geography and Science
Teacher Resources

Time Action
Morning (10:15 to 11:45)
Afternoon (12:45 to 14:15)


Melbourne Gardens

Recommended year level

Foundation to Year 6


$16.50 Per Student


Minimum charge is 18 students per class. Maximum class size is 30 students.